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We  are looking for someone who fits position description below and someone who enjoys living in Japan, the Japanese culture and is interested in the beauty of the outdoors that Nagano has to offer.
We hope to find someone that would be more than just an employee, someone who would become a part of the school and a business partner.

MANABIYA was opened 11 years ago by 2 friends, one Japanese, one American, and is run by a Japanese now.
We're going to open our new small branch in Shimosuwa, Nagano this winter.
Shimosuwa is an old little town which is full of beautiful nature, great culture and friendly people.
Our new branch is in a quiet residential area and now we are enjoying renovating the building.
The school is walking distance from Shimosuwa station, from which you can get to Tokyo in two and a half hours by JR Azusa. You can also take a highway bus to get to Tokyo. It takes about three hours to get there.
The second floor of the school building is a living space so you can live there if you'd like to. It has two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. There is no initial cost when moving. The rent is ¥40000 and utilities cost about ¥12000-¥18000 a month.

The Position
We are essentially looking for someone to become a main teacher of our new branch in Shimosuwa-town.
Therefore we’re looking for a teacher that is confident in the ways of teaching English in Japan with ample experience. Confidence in the ins and outs of teaching grammar as well as conversation skills is a must. Building relationships through communication with students and parents is crucial, thus someone who is also able to communicate in Japanese to a certain degree would be ideal.
The classes would be for all ages.

We are able to sponsor a work visa for the right candidate who has the necessary skills and experience, able to stay at the position for at least a year (hopefully longer) and is currently residing in Japan. However, candidates here in Japan with a spouse visa or perm. residence will be given preference.
It is much more difficult to fill teaching positions here in Nagano than in Tokyo, therefore we are asking that the new teacher stay for at least a year, hopefully longer.

The starting pay for this position would be 200,000~ yen per month. This is a commission system and for details on the interview.

The overall structure of the classes will be already decided with materials such as cards and audio for the teacher to use. Although many game and activity ideas will be available to the teacher, we are also eager to hear about and implement ideas the new teacher has. Your ideas and input will be highly encouraged and valued. Experience, ideas, and a strong interest in teaching English are essential. Again, more than just an employee, we are looking for a friend and comrade to share in a relaxed teaching environment.

The position is available from March or April, 2022.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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