Unit 3

Homework 1


Look at the words in Exercise 1A on page 16 in your book.  Listen and choose the best words that match the sentences.

Unit 3 Ex 1 Vocabulary - New Interchange 2
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1)  It's  ______!

2)  It's really ______.

3)  It's very ______.

4)  It's _______.

5)  It's very ______.

6)  It's very ______.

7)  They've gotten very ______.

*  x got y  =  x became y (~になった)  **この場合はxは​前から時間かけてyになったので、 have+過去分詞を使っています。

Part 2  Answer Check

DON'T LOOK until you've finished Part 1.

Listen and check your answers in Part 1.  THEN, looking at the sentences below, practice repeating.

1)  His living room is bigger than my apartment!!  It's huge!

2)  It's easy to relax in this room.  It's really comfortable.

3)  This house is far from everything!   It's very inconvenient,  (private, quiet もOK)

4)  Her apartment is small and has too much furniture.  It's cramped.


5)  The house has white walls and a lot of windows.  It's very bright.


6)  The apartment is located next to a shopping mall and a train station.  It's very convenient.


7)  The curtains used to be white, now they're gray.  They've gotten dingy 

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